Welcome to urbangreen

We are home furnishings professionals based in Brooklyn, USA. A team with over 70 years of combined experience, we locally design and handcraft real wood furniture, directly available to you online and in-store.

Sustainably stylish, our pieces are thoughtfully built to last. Designs vary from iconic trends of the past century to contemporary interpretations of traditional styles. 

Locally sourced solid wood and select veneers are crafted and finished by our Brooklyn artisans employing durable materials and finishes without toxins and allergens. Our commitment to organic, sustainable principles is evident in our products and practices which contribute to healthier indoor air at home and at the workplace. 

Smartly designed for affordability, our collections pay attention to your urban interior living space needs. With an eye to utilizing space and providing unique storage solutions, we also custom-make for residential and commercial interiors.

We are committed to helping you have a great experience shopping at urbangreen.


Responsible Wood Sourcing Policy

Urbangreen Furniture is committed to the responsible use of forest resources to avoid contributing to deforestation or forest degradation. Urbangreen Furniture, since its inception in 2011, has been working and will continue to work with our vendors to exclusively use responsibly sourced wood for our furniture collections.

Urbangreen Furniture recognizes the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), the authority recognized by environmental NGO's, as an important tool to promote responsible forest management. Which is why we source our wood only from vendors that offer FSC products.

Urbangreen Furniture is also firmly committed to avoiding wood from unacceptable sources, including timber harvested in violation of traditional or civil rights, harvested from areas in which high conservation values are threatened by poor forest management, illegally harvested or traded, harvested from areas being converted from forests to plantations or non-forest use, and from forests in which genetically modified trees are planted. 

Through this policy, urbangreen Furniture seeks to set a positive example for our peers and to do our part to protect the world's forests while offering high-quality furniture.

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