Benefits of Storage Beds

07/02/2019 | by urbangreen furniture

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Ask anyone what they need more of in their home and they will tell you right away: they need more space! After a few years of living in a house, even the most spacious homes feel downright cluttered with all of our things. And that leaves a pressing question: where are we going to put everything? One answer to this dilemma is to use a storage bed. However, many people are unaware of how these useful beds can help.

Curious about storage beds? Keep reading to discover more about what they are and what wonderful benefits they offer!

What Are Storage Beds?

With a storage bed, you can use any mattress that you want. What makes this bed so special is the storage frame. These bed frames are specially designed to store many items. Instead of these things cluttering your bedroom or the rest of the house, you can have them safely and securely tucked away inside your bed.

And one of the coolest things about these beds is that you have several different options. This gives you the chance to pick one best suited for you and your needs.

What Kinds of Beds Are Available?

You could always go with a basic storage bed or go with sme of our other alternative storage bed options.

A more advanced option is the lift top storage bed. Here, the actual mattress can be mechanically lifted up, allowing you to store many things inside the frame. They are out of sight once inside and, as an added bonus, raising the mattress like this can make it easy to make the bed without hurting your back.

If you like to stay super-organized, the best option is going to be the storage beds featuring drawers. For example, you can get storage beds that are split into six or even twelve drawers. This gives you all the storage space you need while letting you organize everything into different compartments.

You can also choose between a vaiety of different size storage beds ranging from twin size to a California king size bed

Now that you know more about the storage beds that are available, it's time to discover the many benefits of these special frames.

Better Stability

Some obvious benefits of these storage beds are that they provide extra space, and while we're going to delve into that, one surprising benefit is that these frames offer additional stability for mattresses.

Think of the storage area as a kind of foundation for the mattress. Storage options like lift tops and cabinets must have a frame that can protect everything you store. Otherwise, the mattress would crush your things when you put weight onto it!

That added support is something you can "feel" as you sleep on the mattress. With this firm stability, you'll discover a better night's sleep in no time.

Dust That Dust

Many people think their sneezing and respiratory issues come from allergies. While that might be the case, there is another potential culprit: dust!

Those who don't have a storage bed "settle" for throwing a bunch of things under the bed. However, this stuff becomes "out of sight, out of mind" and accumulates dust over time.

That dust can affect your allergies and the quality of your sleep, but with a real storage bed, you can store everything safely and securely. That means no dust on your things and no dust messing with your allergies!

Quick Cleaning

We like to champion a storage bed as a great option for long term cleaning. However, one of the biggest benefits these beds offer is the ability to quickly "de-clutter" a room.

For example, maybe you have some guests visit your home unexpectedly. You want to clean up your bedroom, but you may not have time to do a really thorough job. With a storage bed, you can quickly throw everything inside the bed frame and instantly have a de-cluttered room.

Even if no one is coming over, we like to sometimes use the storage bed when we are feeling frustrated by life. There is something soothing about cleaning and organizing a bedroom, and a good storage bed makes it very easy to do this whenever you want!

A Touch of Elegance

So far, we've focused primarily on the storage potential of these beds. After all, "storage" is right there in the name! However, we also like the added style that such beds can add to your bedroom.

The word "storage bed" may bring to mind something modern and mechanical. However, most storage beds are made of timeless wooden designs that will go well with any space.

We have found that adding a nice wooden bed frame to a bedroom instantly adds a touch of elegance and grace. If you were looking into renovating your home, storage beds offer the best of both worlds: dynamic aesthetics and deep storage, all in one.

An Organized Closet

We've talked a lot about the storage potential of these beds. But have you given much thought to what you might store?

One storage possibility that most people overlook is clothing. For example, many of us have a closet full of clothes that we don't wear very often but are not yet ready to donate.

Obviously, you can fit quite a few folded clothes into a storage bed, and the end result is a closet that is free of clutter and more organized than ever.

To really stay on top of things, you can rotate seasonal clothes into and out of your storage bed. That way, your fashion is always on point and your closet is always organized.

Shop Storage Beds at Urban Green Furniture

Now you know about the many benefits of storage beds, but do you know where you can browse these beds and buy the one that will transform your life?

At Urban Green Furniture, we can take care of your needs for storage beds and so much more. Come in today and see what a difference "going Green" can make!