Small Bedroom Ideas for Apartment Living

09/04/2019 | by urbangreen furniture

The right furniture and accessories from urbangreen Furniture can turn a small bedroom into a cozy oasis. To make it work, take advantage of furniture that provides hidden storage space, careful furniture arrangement, and colors that add visual appeal and the illusion of extra space. These small bedroom ideas make it easy to express your individuality while filling your home with quality furnishings that are made to last.

Organization Is the Key with a Small Bedroom

Clutter and chaos can overwhelm the decor of any room, regardless of how big or small the room is, but it's especially problematic for smaller rooms. However, that isn't a problem when you choose furniture that has built-in hidden storage space. You may love the look of an oversized bed and frame, but that's one of the first things that can overwhelm the decor of a small room. The bed is a focal point in any bedroom, so it's important to choose one that fits the room while complementing the decor and adding eye-catching appeal. To get the look you want while taking advantage of hidden storage space, consider skipping the large bed frame and get a storage bed instead.

The Beauty of Storage Beds

Storage beds, like the Thompson storage bed that features 12 drawers and a headboard, provide hidden storage under the mattress. This small bedroom idea takes full advantage of the space that would normally open. A great small bedroom idea is to take the organization up a notch from the storage bed by including individual drawer organizers inside the drawers to keep small items neatly arranged. These bed frames come with soft-closing drawers and are finished in the shade of your choice, so your new bed perfectly matches your bedroom style preferences. The real wood construction and non-toxic finish of these beds make them a beautiful addition to your healthy, eco-friendly home. One of the other benefits of storage beds is that they're budget-friendly because no box spring is required, so you only need a comfortable mattress and bedding to complete your sleeping area. What's more is that these sustainable storage beds come in a variety of sizes. When selecting a size for a small bedroom, it is generally best to stick with a twin size bed, twin XL size bed, or a full size bed

Small Bedroom Ideas for Creating Extra Space

In a small bedroom, the way you arrange your furniture makes all the difference in how functional and comfortable the room is when you're done decorating. Consider the traffic pattern you think will work best in the room. If you want the space to walk around the bed to access closets or dressers, placing the bed, especially a storage bed, in the center of the room may be ideal. However, another possible small bedroom idea is to place the bed against the wall to free up floor space in the center of the room. This is a pleasant arrangement to use if you have children who enjoy tossing pillows on the floor for playtime or pets that enjoy sleeping on the floor.

Try the Dorm Layout in a Multi-Purpose Sleeping Area

If you need the room to work for multiple purposes, like a dorm room or efficiency apartment, consider a dorm room layout that places the bed, futon style, against one wall. Then position a desk on another wall and a small dresser that serves both a place to store clothes or linens and a nightstand. If the floor space allows, place a coffee table in the center of the room. It can be used for relaxing, entertaining or eating meals in front of the TV or computer. A small space doesn't have to feel cramped when you arrange the furniture carefully and put the larger pieces around the perimeter of the room. Keep anything in the center of the room low and subtle to create the illusion of a larger, wide-open space.

Ways to Incorporate Color in the Bedroom

To create the illusion of a larger room when you're accessorizing a smaller bedroom, use light base colors with pops of color. Keep your basic wall color light. But, it's often best to avoid bright white in a smaller room because it's too sharp and crisp and can overwhelm a small space. Stick with creamy whites, buttery yellows, and the palest shades of blue. These shades are so light, you can pair almost any color with them to add the desired pops of color. The reason it helps to use light colors in a small bedroom, is the light shades practically disappear into the background. Light colors also brighten the space and keep the kind of gloomy, shadowy effects that overwhelm a small space at bay. For the flooring color in a small room, keep the color light to match the walls or medium-dark to provide contrast while keeping the feeling of the room open and spacious. It's generally ideal to avoid extreme flooring colors and busy patterns that can overwhelm the space when executing small bedroom ideas.

Places to Add the Pops of Color

There are several places to add pops of color in a small bedroom. First, vibrantly colored throw pillows add a comfortable and fresh, fun touch to the bedroom. Artwork provides another easy way to add some color to a small room. Consider placing a colorful coffee table in the center of the room or a colorful side table to put your alarm clock and a table lamp on for easy access. Curtains and lampshades can also provide some opportunities to increase the color factor in a room. And a mirror with a colorful frame adds color while the reflective glass creates the optical illusion of having more space in the room.

Style Your Small Bedroom at urbangreen Furniture

hoosing the furniture and accessories for your bedroom is a chance to have fun with numerous small bedroom ideas and create a place that gives you a feeling of joy and comfort when you come home at the end of the day. Browse through the selection of furnishings on the Rooms page of the urbangreen Furniture website to get some great ideas. Copy one of the ideas for each room you have to furnish or pick your favorite pieces to create a mix and match effect that's 100-percent unique to your home. No matter which of these approaches you take when decorating your small bedroom, you can't go wrong with the high-quality furnishings offered by urbangreen Furniture.