Modern Bed Buying Guide for Urban Living

08/23/2019 | by urbangreen furniture

modern beds

A bed is one of the most important purchases for most people, and the selection of comfortable, modern beds and mattresses from urbangreen Furniture makes it easy to find a great one. There are several things to consider when shopping for a bed. These details include the type of frame that makes the best use of your available space, the bed size you need, and the right mattress to make your bed a comfortable, welcoming sleep space.

Your Room Size and Storage Space Needs

Modern Storage Beds for Small Rooms

One of the easiest ways to maximize the illusion of having a larger room by choosing a modern storage bed. This provides a place under the bed, where there is normally just wasted space to store anything from garments to trinkets and linens. Under-bed storage is useful for storing seasonal clothing that you won't need for a while. It's also useful when your room is too small for a traditional dresser and nightstand. Storage beds are great for saving space and helping you keep your bedroom organized and tidy.

Modern Beds for Kids Rooms

When kids need to share a room, modern bunk beds are a way to give each child the space that's needed to sleep comfortably. A bunk bed also takes less floor space than placing two twin beds directly on the floor. There are also bunk beds that have only an upper bunk. These are useful for children who have a small bedroom and who want a desk for studying or a play area. Set up the desk under the upper bunk and add a small table lamp to brighten the area. Also, keep the colors in the room light for this type of decorating, so the space under the bunk where your child will be playing or studying doesn't feel dark or cramped.

Modern Platform Beds for Larger Bedrooms

A modern platform bed is a visually appealing and comfortable option for larger bedrooms. Platform beds provide a spacious, sleek effect that looks elegant with a streamlined, classic headboard. Pair the platform bed with a simple duvet or colorful comforter. Then toss throw pillows on it that add a pop of color and enhance the room's decor. Match the woodwork on the bed to other wooden trim in the room, your dresser, and your nightstand. Display a painting or large mirror above the headboard to add visual appeal to the room. A dust ruffle can be added to keep the under-bed area out of sight if you want to store shoes, slippers, or other items under the platform area of the bed.

modern beds

Bed Size and Room Size

Consider your bedroom size first when you're trying to determine what size bed you need. Common bed sizes are twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king.

  • Our modern twin bed is the smallest at 39"x75" and is ideal for younger children with small rooms. This is the most common size for bunk beds. It's also a great size to consider for storage beds and for placing against a wall to pull double duty as a bed and a seat in a small multi-purpose space like an efficiency apartment.
  • Our modern twin XL bed is the same width as a traditional twin bed, but it's 80-inches long instead of 75-inches, making it an ideal option for young, single adults who have small bedrooms. This size is often used for college students and young adults who need to make the most of a small apartment or dorm.
  • Modern full beds, which are also called double beds, measure 54"x75" and are ideal for couples or sleepers who enjoy spreading out and who have a mid-sized bedroom. Full beds are comfortable for one or two occupants, and they're a popular size for many young couples who are just starting in life.
  • Modern Queen beds measure 60"x80" and are the first of the beds that are designed for larger rooms.
  • Modern King beds measure 76"x80" inches and provide room for a couple with a large bedroom to stretch out comfortably.
  • Finally, our modern California king beds measure 72"x84" and while narrower than a traditional king bed, California king beds provide the extra length taller people often enjoy.

Consider measuring the size of your bedroom and compare the dimensions to the size of the bed you're considering. This lets you know if you'll have the amount of floor space you need for walking around your room. You could also sketch your room's layout or use room planning software to design the layout of your bedroom and make sure the modern bed you want is going to fit properly.

Mattress Selection Tips

Choose the right mattress to go with your new modern bed by considering how much support you need. Organic OMI mattresses from urbangreen Furniture provide a sleep solution that lets you feel good about your eco-friendly purchase while enjoying the comfort of a great mattress. OMI mattresses are known for helping people fall asleep faster than on other mattresses, and you're also more likely to stay asleep so you wake up rested and ready to start a new day. These mattresses are available as tradition mattresses that low-profile sheets fit on easily. There are also pillow-top mattresses available that add an extra layer of softness you can sink into at the end of the day. Details like cotton covers made from organic cotton and organic natural latex rubber help to make these OMI mattresses a healthier solution. Low-VOC emissions are also an important part of OMI mattresses, making them useful for childcare settings and school dorms.

Modern Beds at urbangreen Furniture 

Browse through the selection of modern beds and mattresses from urbangreen Furniture and contact one of our professional team members for more information today. And, after you've found the perfect bed and mattress, be sure to check out our selection of sheets, blankets, and duvets to find the perfect warm and cozy accessories to complete the decor in your bedroom.