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07/02/2019 | by urbangreen furniture

American made furniture

If you are looking for great American made furniture and that is also safer for the environment, then you do not want to miss out on everything Urbangreen Furniture has to offer! With a planet-friendly approach to business and manufacturing, they are able to create stunning pieces of sustainable furniture. They are unlike any other furniture company you have ever worked with and there are many reasons why more and more people are looking to Urbangreen Furniture.

Eco-Friendly Materials

From lamp shades, to wooden bed frames, to their iconic emeco chairs, urbangreen Furniture is a leader in eco friendly furniture and strives to create and present specially crafted and locally curated products to theri customers. 

Verified Renewable and Sustainable Sources

All of the wood they use comes from independently verified renewable sources and they meet and exceed industry standards in order to ensure all material is sourced in a way that is responsible and that follows production principles established by the Forest Stewardship Council®.

Formaldehyde-Free Hardwood Plywoods

All the wood furniture pieces made by Urbangreen Furniture are made from solid woods and select wood veneers. There is no added formaldehyde used in their pieces in order to keep people and pets safe.

Low VOC Finishes

Unlike many furniture manufacturers, urbangreen use water based finishes with low or zero VOCs . These compounds have been shown to irritate the lungs, cause allergic reactions and deplete the ozone. Urbangreen Furniture only use ultra-low VOC finishes, which exceed Federal and California standards to protect people and the environment.

PBDE-Free Bedding, Upholstery Fabrics, and Mattresses

Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PDBEs) are what makes fire retardants that are commonly used in upholstery, drapes, and other household fabrics. While they are effective at fire retardation they are known to be highly toxic. All urbangreen Furniture upholstery fabrics, bedding products, and organic mattresses are free of PDBEs, using wool instead, which is a natural fire retardant.

Our Best American Made Furniture

Here are just a few samples of the great environmental-friendly American made furniture pieces you can find at Urban Green Furniture:


Hudson Unfolding Coffee Table

Hudson Unfolding Coffee Table


Like all of our pieces, this uniquely designed coffee table is made out of high-quality real wood. This table comes in either maple, cherry, or walnut solid wood veneer with a large selection of water based finishes. Every coffee table is made on site and is designed and crafted in such a way as to reduce waste and maximize the beauty, functionality, and look of the table. All of their coffee tables are available to be purchased unfinished or finished and are also available in painted colors. All pieces are hand sanded and hand finished with high-quality water-based stains, paints and top coats. No harmful chemicals or additives are used in the paints and finishes so you can rest assured your family will be safe and happy with your new coffee table. So, check out the Hudson Lift Top Coffee Table and all the other great coffee table styles available!

Quality OMI Mattresses

 OMI Mattress

Organic Mattresses, Inc. (OMI)® is proud to be widely recognized as the country’s best luxury certified organic mattresses and bedding. Every OMI Mattress available at urbangreen Furniture is handcrafted in America with nothing but the highest quality sustainable raw materials. These are the very first organic certified mattresses made in the United States and they are still the most-trusted specialty mattresses available in the country. With 15 years of experience and proven success and excellence, OMI Mattresses are designed to help you sleep better and awake refreshed and free from the aches and pains of a bad mattress. Good sleep each night is essential to a healthy lifestyle and these mattresses allow you to sleep deeply and peacefully without exposing you to harsh chemicals and materials while you are asleep. Discover OMI for yourself today! 

Thompson Storage Bed

Thompson Storage Bed


As one of the high-quality pieces of real wood furniture here at urbangreen, this unique storage bed is made from high-quality real wood, solids, and veneers. Fine wood, toxin-free glues, and adhesives are used in its construction following our commitment with all our furniture. The craftsmen at urbangreen build this storage bed with fine attention to detail and a commitment to optimizing wood use and reducing waste. All urbangreen Furniture pieces can be purchased unfinished or finished and can also be custom painted as requested at the time of ordering. All pieces are hand sanded and hand finished, with a commitment to safe and sustainable furniture design and manufacturing. There are no toxic stains, paints, or materials used so you can rest assured that the Thompson Full Storage bed is a safe and practical option for any member of your family! 

Emeco chairs

 Emeco Chair

Emeco chairs are among the most popular modern styled chairs sought after by designers and can frequently be found in TV shows and movies. They are made from recycled materials and are made to be durable and stylish without a lot of excessive material use and waste. And while aluminum is the most popular material used in Emeco chairs, there are chairs made from reclaimed wood, sweepings from factory and manufacturing floors, recycled glass, and plastic soda bottles. You can find these designer environmentally friendly chairs in a range of styles so there should be no trouble finding one that fits your décor and style. They are always stylish, functional and minimalist and are among the most popular chairs featured at urbangreen Furniture today.

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To learn more about the amazing furniture pieces that are available to you today, stop by urbangreen and see their selection for yourself. Whether you visit their store or stop by their website, there is more than enough options to search through. You should have no problem finding the perfect piece for any room in your home, at an affordable price, and with the peace of mind that comes from working with an environmentally conscious company. Call or stop by today to see the difference for yourself!