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Iconic Emeco Stools

Emeco chairs are famous for their fine design and construction. They’re durable, some models are handmade, and all include some recycled materials. Polishing by hand to a high sheen is not uncommon for some of the company’s aluminum chairs. Emeco still manufactures this all-aluminum piece and has also added models that use materials in addition to aluminum. The broad name for this sector of the company’s business is the Emeco Navy Chair Collection. Then, as now, their aluminum chairs are made with a process that includes at least 77 steps. They include welding, grinding, heat treating, hand finishing, polishing and anodizing.

Aluminum chairs aren’t the only chairs manufactured by this company, which is very conscious of the environmental impact it makes. Today, some Emeco chairs might include recycled wood, sweepings from factory floors or plastic soda bottles. Selected chairs have a lifetime warranty. Some employ fabric seating. Others are swivel chairs and others are armchairs. Emeco is always adding new chairs to its line, and it has a reputation for manufacturing iconic products. They are always stylish, functional and minimalist. Buy online or check them out at either one of our two furniture stores in New York City.

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