LightsUp Eco-Friendly Lamps

One of the simplest and easiest ways to change the look and feel of any room in your home is to change up the lighting. Whether it is the fixture, the bulbs, or the style of the light you us, this simple upgrade can make a world of difference. Thankfully urbangreen Furniture has plenty of stylish lamps for you to choose from. Our pieces are envisioned by our designers and handcrafted by our craftsmen to meet your needs which is why when people need to find eco-friendly lamps for any room of their house, they come to us to get the urbangreen difference. We pledge to provide our customers with quality craftsmanship, locally sourced materials, and affordable sustainability. LightsUp has two eco-friendly options for their shades: 100% recycled PET, and FSC certified wood veneers. Check out our great selection of quality, recycled lamps now in the options below. 

100% Recycled PET Shade Options

Anna Green Anna Red Black Mum Faux Bois Dark Faux Bois Fuchsia Faux Bois Kelly 

Faux Bois Light Faux Bois Marine Faux Bois Paprika Fern Kimono  Red Mum


FSC Certified Wood Veneers Options

Cherry Veneer Ebony Wood Walnut Veneer White Oak Veneer Zebra Wood Veneer 

When you need a little extra light in a localized area then a table lamp is often the best choice. A table lamp can help you brighten up a dark corner or can give you more light in your living room or workspace. There are many great choices available for how and where you use these versatile co-friendly lamps. We have a range of sizes, colors, styles, designs, and shade choices to choose from so check out our table lamps today and rest assured, knowing you're getting quality accessories that not only look great but that are also helping to protect the environment! 

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For a more modern and elegant look that can brighten up any room in your home, you may want to consider going with a floor lamp.  These taller lamps are designed to stand upright on the floor and often reach to eye level or higher. They are made to accommodate brighter and higher watt bulbs so that they can easily lighten up a large part of a room with ease. Floor lamps can be used to add light where there is no room for table lamps. Behind the sofa or between recliner seats where there is no table is just one example of how floor lights can be used. These lamps come in many different colors and styles so finding one that fits your room's decor should not be any trouble at all! 

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The final type of accessory lamp you might find appealing are ceiling lamps. While they are most commonly seen in kitchens and bathrooms they can be applied to just about any room of the house when the right ceiling  lamp is used in the right way in a room. You can use this style of lamp to provide focused lighting to a particular area or to provide central lighting for the room. Different effects and coverage can be achieved based on the style lamp and shade you choose as well as what bulbs you end up using. A central lamp with an open shade design and a strong bulb can light up and entire room where a smaller lamp and shade with a low watt bulb may light up a corner. Be creative and see what ceiling lamps can offer your room. 

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