Eco-Friendly Furniture by Urbangreen Furniture

At urbangreen Furniture are proud to be the go-to furniture supplier for those in need of high-quality eco-friendly furniture in NYC. We are a team of professionals based in Brooklyn, USA and who work with a commitment to not just our customers, and employees, but to the environment as well. A team with over 70 years of combined experience are committed to providing the finest American made furniture, available online and at our two locations, while also doing all we can to protect the natural resources of our planet. Our collections give you the eco-friendly furniture pieces you want and need for your home while also adhering to our commitment to a greener way of living. With an eye for utilizing space and providing unique storage solutions, we also custom-make furniture pieces that can be used for all your residential and commercial design needs.

Recycled Furniture and Accessories at Urbangreen

Eco-Friendly Furniture

Here at urbangreen furniture, we offer several products that are made from recycled materials. Our timeless designer emeco chairs are made from either recycled aluminum, recycled PET bottles, recycled glass and polypropylene, or even industrial wood waste. Our LightsUp collection of table lamps, floor lamps, and ceiling lamps are available with lamp shades made with recycled materials. Check out these great collections now.


Emeco  Eco-Friendly Lighting 


Responsible Use of Resources

Urbangreen Furniture is committed to the accountable use of forest resources to avoid unintended or accidental contribution to deforestation or forest degradation. Urbangreen Furniture was founded in 2011, and since that time, has been working hard to protect natural resources. We continue to work towards this goal with our vendors, suppliers, employees, and customers so we can exclusively use responsibly sourced wood for our furniture collections. Sustainably stylish, exceptionally crafted, environmentally minded, and unique in every way, our pieces are thoughtfully built to last, long beyond what bulk manufactured furniture can. It is possible to get the look you want without having to sacrifice on your principles. Sustainable furniture can be beautiful and practical and here at urbangreen Furniture, we consider it a primary responsibility to maintain a responsible use of resources through every part of our design, manufacturing, and shipping processes.


A Leader in the Industry

Urbangreen Furniture distinguishes itself from other furniture companies in the US as we acknowledge the guidelines of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), the authority recognized by environmental NGO's, and use these guidelines as a key tool in our endeavor to promote responsible forest management. Therefore, we are committed to the responsible use of forest resources to avoid contributing to deforestation or forest degradation. Locally sourced solid wood and select veneers are handcrafted and finished without the use of toxic glues, stains, and resins. We believe furniture should be safe and durable and able to be enjoyed by every member of the family which is why we are committed to using safe non-toxic and PBA-free paints, stains, and glues on all furniture pieces. Our commitment to organic, sustainable principles here at urbangreen Furniture is evident in our products and practices because we have the ultimate goal of helping to contribute to healthier indoor air at home and at the workplace while also contributing to a more sustainable approach to using natural resources.

Eco-Friendly Furniture Available Today

To see the difference that a sustainable approach to designing and manufacturing can make and how our furniture compares to what you currently have in your home, contact us today! We would love to talk to you about our passion for sustainability and help you find the right pieces of eco-friendly furniture for your home. Call today or come by and see for yourself the difference urbangreen Furniture can make!