At urbangreen not only can you custom finish your favorite pieces in a selection of 24 toxin-free stains and colors, you can also fully customize any piece, unit, kitchen cabinets, residential or commercial interior to perfectly suit your personality, tastes and needs.

Our talented designers and seasoned craftsmen will work directly with you, your drawings and ideas, assuring ideal completion of your order and your peace of mind.

For inquiries or to place custom orders, please email or call (212)988-7800 or (718)567-0777

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Make CollectionsMany people love to collect things and for certain themes, a collection nook may be a good idea for your living room. Certain things lend themselves better to this collection approach- beach themed, country/rustic, books, and garden themes are among the most popular. Organizing small items together and make mini collections that can give you unique and fun focal points for the room. This is one of the simple ideas for decorating home areas that can be fun, creative, and easy to do on a tight budget. Choose unique lighting for your collection areas, set up a theme that you feel a connection to, and make this area the focal point of your living room.

Custom piecesIf there is any creativity in your body and you like to make and create things on your own, consider making something unique that you can display in order to give your space that little extra pop. Having something that no one else has can go a long way in making your living room look and feel special. You can make something yourself- paintings, pillows, rugs, blankets, tables, decorations and more! Nothing adds life and personality the way an original hand made item can. If you don't feel up to the challenge of making something yourself, do not worry, just be sure to check out the unique décor pieces Urban Green has on hand right now.