Twin Beds

Here at Urban Green Furniture, we believe that comfortable, stylish, and practical furniture can also be environmentally friendly and sustainably resourced. For those who want to protect our natural resources and respect the planet we live on, while still having the best pieces of furniture for their homes, the bedroom funiture choices we have available are a great option to consider. For bedrooms of all sizes, it is important to find the bed that is just right for your wants and needs and twin beds in NYC are a popular choice for city dwellers who want to cut down on their consumption and focus on simplicity.

Kid’s Bedroom

One of the most common uses for twin beds is in kid’s rooms where space is limited and where the actual bed size needed is often much smaller than what adults typically need. They can be used in many ways and can be set up in just about any area of the room depending on the floor plan and the placement of the other pieces of furniture. Smaller twin beds are a good choice for kid’s bedrooms because it helps conserve floor space and give kids more room to play. Some great options to look for here at Urban Green Furniture include our Twin over Full Bunk Beds with 3 drawers, our Thompson Twin Loft Bed, the Hudson Twin Bed or the popular Thompson Trundle Bed w/ Headboard. 

Adults Bedroom

Even in bedrooms designed for teens and adults there is a place for twin beds. Smaller floor plans need smaller pieces of furniture so they fit easily and a twin bed can be a great option for a single’s bedroom. Even though they are smaller in size, twin beds here at Urban Green Furniture are made to be comfortable and stylish and can work with any modern design or themes that you may have planned for your master bedroom. Urban Green Furniture has plenty pf twin beds that are perfect for the master bedroom, including the Calvin Twin Platform Bed, the stylish Urban Basics Twin Bed, our Lift Top Storage Twin Bed, and our popular Thompson Twin Storage Bed - 6 Drawer. 

Guest Room

The final way you can easily incorporate one of our stylish and comfortable twin beds into your bedroom décor plan is by using them in your guest room. When you have friends or family staying over the night, having a comfortable place for them to sleep is a good idea. Adding one of our comfortable twin beds is the perfect way to make your guest room a place people actually look forward to staying in when they are visiting. For a guest room simple and basic are often the key and Urban Green Furniture has twin beds that are perfect for the guest room, so check out our Thompson Twin Four Poster Canopy Storage Bed, the popular Urban Basics Twin Bed - High Double Drawer, our stylish Storage Daybed, and the Midcentury Modern Twin Bed.

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