White Lotus Wool Topper in Cotton Case

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  • This wool Topper's outer layer is made from 100% Cotton fabric.
  • A White Lotus Home topper is made to lie under your fitted sheet, it can be used on top of any mattress and to replace a pillow top. 
  • This comfy addition to your nest is 1 1/2 inch thick made up of 3 layers of fluffy wool inside a 100% cotton case. It is also available in double the thickness. Wonderfully easy to air out and better than a feather bed any day...or night!
  • Wool is a natural temperature regulator fiber with the ability to wick away moisture from the body and especially the head, where large quantities of moisture are produced, even when you are asleep. Wool is a wonderful insulator, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter without overheating.
  • Another great property of wool is that it is naturally resistant to fire, mold, mildew, and dust mites. Because of all their amazing properties, we believe wool toppers to be far superior to down or any synthetic fiber.
Care and Cleaning: Pillows, Duvets, and Bedding

As they are raw, minimally processed fibers, White Lotus products cannot be completely submerged in water without damaging the fibers within. This includes pillows and duvets.

We recommend spot cleaning your White Lotus Home pillows, duvets, and bedding with a solution of 3 parts water to one part vinegar. Spray the solution onto the stain and expose to sunlight. Let dry and repeat until the stain fades and odors dissipate. You can also substitute vinegar with a mild laundry detergent. For surface stains, hydrogen peroxide works well for blood, whereas rubbing alcohol can help to remove oils from cosmetics.

Bedding should not remain damp, as it may encourage uneven wear or mold growth. Following a spill or cleaning, dry any moisture by placing the item in the sun or by using a hair dryer. Ensure it is fully dry before re-adding sheets or protective covers.
Please note that these suggestions are at your own risk. Results may vary. 

Refreshing Wool Bedding

Wool bedding, such as duvets and toppers, occasionally require special care. We recommend exposing it to direct sunlight and air once a month --- sunlight works as a natural sanitizer. If you prefer to send them to the cleaners, use a dry-cleaning process only. Never submerge wool bedding in water or place it in the washing machine, as this can cause irreversible felting of the wool.

Topper Type: Wool Toppers
Topper Sizes & Weights: Wool
As all White Lotus Home products are unique, all dimensions and weights are approximate and may vary +/- 1 inch or pound.
Toddler 28 x 54 x 2" 4 lbs.
Twin 39 x 75 x 2" 7 lbs.
XL Twin 39 x 80 x 2" 7 lbs.
Double/Full 39 x 75 x 2" 10 lbs.
Queen 60 x 80 x 2" 12 lbs.
King 76 x 80 x 2" 15 lbs.
Toddler Extra 28 x 54 x 4" 8 lbs.
Twin Extra 39 x 75 x 4" 13 lbs.
XL Twin Extra 39 x 80 x 4" 14 lbs.
Double/Full Extra 39 x 75 x 4" 19 lbs.
Queen Extra 60 x 80 x 4" 23 lbs.
King Extra 76 x 80 x 4" 30 lbs.


Delivery Time

Delivery time for White Lotus Topper is usually two to three weeks.