When you are designing your bedroom, it is important to think about the bedroom furniture you are going to need to make that space as inviting and comfortable as possible. City life also provides another challenge apart from simple design: decorating and designing a small bedroom. Here at Urban Green Furniture, we have a great selection for you to choose from, including all of the essential pieces of bedroom furniture NYC residents should have:

Bedding and Accessories

No bedroom is complete without a bed unless you enjoy sleeping on a military cot or in a sleeping bag! Finding the best bed is the key to making your bedroom as relaxing as possible. While shopping, remember you will need a frame, mattress, sheets and blanket, and pillows too!

Storage Beds

Our storage beds are an ideal addition to your NYC bedroom furniture and are particularly equipped for handling the challenges a small NYC bedroom brings. By offering out-of-sight storage, it is not only useful for stowing away your housewares, but in decluttering your small space.

Desk or Vanity

Many people do more than sleep in their bedrooms so you are going to want some functional workspace. A nice desk or a vanity set up in the corner can give you a place to sit and do some writing or get yourself ready for the day ahead. Remember to keep the floor plan in mind and don’t go too big or too small!

Tables and Chairs

For larger bedrooms like the master bedroom or when you are lucky enough to have a lot of open floor space, a small desk with one or to simple chairs can be a nice touch. At the very least, you will want some kind of table near the bed to hold the things you need like an alarm clock, book, and your glasses!

Lighting Fixtures

What good is a beautiful bedroom if you can’t see it to enjoy it? Lighting is essential and there are so many options you can choose from. Whether you want fancy or simplistic there are fixtures to meet any design need you have. Also, be sure to think about the bulb type as it can affect your rooms look and feel too!

Entertainment Centers

If you spend a lot of time in your bedroom relaxing then you may want to invest in a good entertainment center. Whether you enjoy snuggling in bed binge-watching shows with your significant other or you like to play video games, a good entertainment center will help you get easy access to what you love!

Dresser or Wardrobe

You will, of course, need a place to keep your clothes neat and clean and there is not always room in the closet. So, a simple and elegant solution is to add a nice dresser or wardrobe to your bedroom design. These options give you plenty of room for your clothes while adding to the charm and elegance of the room!

Storage and Organizer

The final piece you should have for bedroom is some kind of storage system or something to help you keep everything organized. Whether it is a closet organizer or under the bed storage systems, these hidden pieces can help you keep everything neat and tidy and looking great in your bedroom!

To learn more about where to find the best bedroom furniture NYC has to offer, contact us today here at Urban Green Furniture. Let us help you get the best furniture at the best price. Call now to speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff or schedule your consultation appointment with our design team!